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Musings 32, Obstacles

December 17, 2017

What an ugly word! It leers at us, packed with danger, frustration and worry. An obstacle stands in the way, a hindrance or obstruction; of course we don’t like them. They stand like rocks, blocking the path we want to pursue. They must be removed or circumvented. Clear the obstacles, and move full speed ahead.

Many obstacles exist only in our head. We were told we were not pretty or smart or lovable, and we listened, fastening the base opinions of someone uncaring in our brains and nurturing them. I knew some parents who refused to put their children in special education classes so they wouldn’t be with dumb kids or be labeled. They could not understand that the children in resource programs were smart or they couldn’t be there. A problem in learning something does not make a kid dumb. Consider Winston Churchill, he couldn’t get math even with specialized tutors and extra help. I could name dozens of others, but intelligence is not contagious. How quickly or slowly one learns can become a major stumbling block, an obstruction, or obstacle that can be ameliorated with specialized assistance. God gives us paths around obstacles.

We need to recognize obstacles in ourselves and others, and do our best to overturn them for a happy life.

God did not invent the obstacles in our lives. We do that ourselves, perhaps with the help of others. God gives us strength and wisdom to remove them. We can rely on his power to overcome our own sense of inadequacy. That’s a very good deal. We would indeed to be fools to ignore it.

(Psalm 59: 17) Unto thee, O my strength will I sing. For God is my defense and the God of mercy.

(Psalm 73: 23-24) I am with thee, O Lord, and thou holds me by the hand. You guide me with counsel and receive me in glory.

(Romans 12: 12) Rejoice in hope, be patient in trying times, and continue in prayer.


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