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Musings 29, All My Heart

December 4, 2017

Blessed is the one who loves with the entire heart.

The audiology office called to reschedule my appointment. “The doctor’s wife is in the hospital, and he will be unavailable for several days. Can I reschedule your appointment?”

“Of course,” I responded as I checked my calendar. She named a date and time which I approved, busily writing it down. Now, at my age, I have found people go to the hospital to have things fixed, and only when it is certain the condition will not cure itself, but the doctor is probably a little older than my grandson and I supposed his wife, also young, must have a serious condition.

When I saw him, I said, “I hope your wife is feeling better.” He looked surprised. “I heard she was in the hospital,”I explained.

“Yes,” he said, looking rather strangely at me. “We brought home our son. Didn’t they tell you?” Love and joy were written on his face. He could scarcely contain himself as he brought the infant’s picture up on the computer. “Meet Solomon,” he said.

Sweetest little fellow, everybody knows. Don’t know what they call him, but he’s mighty like a rose —  The song popped into my head when I saw the cherub in the picture.

“Why Solomon?” I questioned. “You have an Irish surname. Were you thinking of the smartest writer in the Bible.”

“Actually,” he responded proudly, “the name means peace in Hebrew.”

Solomon is loved with the doctor’s entire heart, and I can pray for Peace with all mine.

(Colossians 3: 23) Whatever you do, do it with all your heart for the Lord.

(Genesis 2:7) And the Lord formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into him life; and he became a living soul.

(Luke 1: 13-14) And an angel told Zacharias that his wife, Elizabeth, would give birth, and they would have a son, and many would rejoice at his birth.



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