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Musings 6, Disturbances

August 2, 2017

A bolt of lightning split the heavens in two, and thunder echoed in the hills. Splashes of rain watered the dry dust, leaving a musty odor. We rarely see this kind of disturbance in Southern California.

Disturbances rule our lives, but I never knew growing old would be so disturbing.  I am surprised by how sedentary I have become. It’s no disgrace to be old, but it’s certainly inconvenient. Sight fades, bones weaken, skin wrinkles, gums recede causing a few of the minor disturbances. With friends already busy in heaven, I am content to sit in a chair and see the world go by on TV.

As the remaining time in this world shortens, for we were not meant to be Methusala, the end of a life span means reconnecting with the infinite from which we came. God strengthens us and gives us courage to cope with life’s disturbances.

(Psalm 105: 4) Search for the Lord, and for this strength.

(Psalm 7: 23) I belong to God. He holds my hand.

(Deuteronomy 31: 6) Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, and do not panic. The Lord God goes ahead of you and will not abandon you.



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