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Musings 3, Applause

July 17, 2017

We are trained to show appreciation with applause, not whistles or cries, not stomping feet nor yelling, but a genteel clapping of the hands together in a sound that is controlled and melodious. How fortunate is the performer whose acts or speeches are met with a long round of enthusiastic applause!

I have noticed that applause is rarely given in church, but sometimes, even in more sophisticated Presbyterian congregations, applause is spontaneous. Such was the case this past Sunday, when a guest organist was treated to a burst of gratitude in his rendition of Bach’s “Prelude and Fugue in G Major. Generally we are so busy entering, seating, and making conversation we hardly listen to the organ prelude.

The guest organist set the tone for further appreciation of the volunteer summer choir after they sang “Shine on Us”, a sweet song urging the Lord to shine his light, his grace, and his love upon us. The sermon by new pastor, Steve Miller, was equally impressive. He urged the congregation to consider the ending  of this life as we live it day to day. Sadly, we neglected to give his message the applause it deserved.

Oh well, applaud if you love Jesus.

(Psalm 89: 15-16) Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound.

((Psalm 31: 16) Make thy face shine upon thy servant.

(Romans 3: 22) The righteousness of God is shown in the face of Jesus, and upon those that believe.

And — “So live that when thy summons comes —-thou goes joyfully into that good night.” Thank you Reverend Miller.



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