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Musings 1, The Help

July 13, 2017

Hi! I’m back. The topics and scriptures are from Sarah Young’s little book, Jesus Always. I have been reading her stories of faith and rely on her collections of Bible lessons. The ruminations are mine.

My grandmother was a competent woman. I think she would be pleased that I now believe that about her: she was vastly underappreciated at the time. She cooked, cleaned, washed, and took good care of her family, my Uncle Lewis, my Mother and her two daughters, and my step-grandfather. The family was never less than five and often six or seven, depending on who was staying in the small three bedroom, one bath house. She rarely let my sister or me help her with domestic chores, perhaps because we were unskilled and less than enthusiastic.

Unfortunately all her skills and competency disappeared with her, and her grandchildren were left struggling to acquire the ability to fulfill their domestic duties. We were able to persevere, but never attained her degree of competence.

God lets us make choices. He gave us a set of precepts, through Moses and Jesus. Jesus boiled all the lesson down to one word – Love. If we had loved our Nanny as we should have, we would have helped her more and watched her carefully, then gradually offered our assistance and gained proficiency. Well, as the Dutch say, “Too soon oldt and too late shmart.”

Fortunately, our God loves us despite our lack of proficiency.

(Psalm 23: 3) He leadeth me in the path of righteousness, bringing honor to his name.

(Psalm 32:8) God will instruct us and teach us in the way we should go. God will guide us.

(Acts 17: 27) (greatly transcribed) Our purpose on earth is to seek after God and find him, though he is not far away and readily available to help is in our need.


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