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Esther, 6

April 14, 2017

That night the king could not sleep. He ordered his eunuchs to bring the historical records of his kingdom to him, and in The History of King Ahasuerus’ Reign he read that Mordecai had exposed a plot by two eunuchs to kill him. “What reward did we give Mordecai for saving my life?” he asked his attendants.

“Nothing,” they replied, to his surprise.

The next morning Haman arrived early at court to request the permission of the king to kill Mordecai. The king saw him coming, and summoned him. “What reward can I give to a man with whom I am well pleased?” he asked Haman.

Haman smiled, believing it was he the king wanted to reward, and answered quickly. “You should let him wear your royal robes and let him ride through the city on the royal horse to proclaim that this is the way the king rewards those who please him.

“Excellent,” said the king. “Take these robes and get my horse. Find Mordecai and follow every detail you have said.” Haman had no choice but to obey the king.

Not understanding what had happened, Mordecai went back to work, and an unhappy Haman was summoned to the palace to attend Esther’s banquet with the king.

Again during the wine course the satisfied king asked Esther, “What do you wish for my dear Esther. Whatever it is, I will give it to you, though it cost half my kingdom.”

Esther fell to her knees and wept. “Spare my life dear King, and those of my people. I am a Jew, and Haman has plotted our destruction.” The king was aghast, and walked out onto the terrace to think. Haman approached Esther, but in his confusion tripped on a carpet and fell onto her couch.

The king entered the room to see Haman on his queen. “What!” he exclaimed. “Will you rape my queen before my very eyes?”

“Haman has constructed a gallows in his courtyard,” reported an aide.

“Hang Haman upon it,” the king ordered.

We know God works in mysterious ways, but we see God has a sense of justice, too. Today is Good Friday. God, give us all a sense of mercy and justice as we pray for all.


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