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Esther, 5

April 13, 2017

Esther knew she was in grave danger if she revealed she was Jewish. Her cousin Mordecai had been her father, and his family were her family, but she was in a unique position in the palace and respected as a queen. Even though the king had not called for her in a month: she could not just “pop into his inner chamber.”

Mordecai sent a message, “If you keep quiet, God will find another way to save his people, but not before your relatives die. You may die too. God put you in the palace for such a time as this.”

Esther sent word to Mordecai, “Gather all the Jews in the city. You must fast and pray for three days. Although it is forbidden, my maids and I will do the same. Then I will got to see the king. If I perish, I perish.” (My pastor said God always answers prayer — in three ways, yes, no, and maybe later. How would God respond to Esther?)

Three days later Esther, dressed in royal robes, approached the king. He held out his scepter and said, “You may approach.”

“I have come to invite you and Haman to a banquet I have prepared for you,” she said.

The king was pleased. “Tell Haman to hurry,” he told his slaves. “Esther has prepared a banquet for us.” At the banquet, and after drinking the wine, the king said, “This is truly an excellent feast. Now tell me what you really want, and I will give it to you, even if it costs half my kingdom.”

“Truly, I only want you and Haman to come to another banquet I will prepare for you tomorrow,” she told him. The king was surprised, but assented.

Haman was delighted by how important he seemed to be, but when he left the palace, he saw Mordecai at the gate. Mordecai did not bow, nor did he seem humble, and this aroused his ire. His anger boiled in him, but what could he do?

He told his wife how important he was becoming, but Mordecai was being disrespectful. His wife had an idea. “You must erect a 75 foot pole on our property, and in the morning get the king’s permission to hang him now,” she advised.

Immediately Haman ordered the construction of a 75 foot pole to hang Mordecai in the morning.


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