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Esther, 2

April 10, 2017

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Forgive my error naming the eunuchs. They were M, B 1, H, B 2, A, C, Z. King Xerxes sent his eunuchs to fetch his beautiful Queen Vashti. She refused to come.  We can only imagine why she disobeyed the command of the king. Perhaps she looked into the mirror to confirm her beauty and noticed she was having a bad hair day, or possibly she was drinking wine and having a good time with the women at her party. More likely, she didn’t want to display her beauty to drunken fools. With deliberation, she defied her king.

The king was furious. He consulted his cabinet, for kings do nothing without first seeking advice from lawyers and administrators. Those wise men were C, S, A, T, M 2, M 2, M 3,  (You can see why I became confused.) They knew Persian law and the temper of the times, as well as being his personal friends.

“What shall we do about this situation?” the king asked. “My queen refused to obey my orders.”

“This is indeed a serious situation,” they told the king and hastily conferred.

M 3 spoke for them all. “We believe the queen has offended the king, but every man in the kingdom will be angry when their wives learn what the queen has done and begin to refuse to obey their husbands. Throughout the land the husbands will hold you in contempt. We suggest you banish the queen forever, and that you choose a queen more worthy of you. Then husbands will be respected by their wives, and every man will rule his own home.”

The king thought this was a wise plan, and urged them to carry it out quickly. Queen  Vashti was banished from the kingdom.

The Bible does not follow the queen, but I suspect she was not sorry to get away. Possibly she had grown tired of the king’s arrogance and demands. Because she was practical as well as beautiful, she packed all her clothes and jewelry and returned to her father and brothers where she was greatly adored and pampered. Rank has its privileges, but so do beautiful women. That is my opinion.

God wanted Queen Vashti out of the palace for His reasons, and we will see why.


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