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Encounters, 1

December 2, 2016

I pay close attention to encounters, for they often lead me in new directions. An encounter is a coming together, usually unexpected or accidental, or a chance meeting, a coincidence  or a God Sighting.

I have had no Close Encounter of the Third Kind, nor have I seen an alien from outer space, except in the movie written and directed by Stephen Spielberg in 1977. The aliens were played by children, and I have experienced many close encounters with children. The innocence and openness of children before they become “civilized” is intriguing, worthy of lengthy encounters.

Perhaps Spielberg noticed the unexpected characteristics usually found in children, or they were simply small enough to fit into alien costumes. Often life changes after an encounter.The actor Richard Dreyfuss, portraying a blue collar worker in Indiana, experienced a profound encounter with aliens, but my own encounters are usually with humans, although several years ago I encountered an unexpected vehicle in a parking lot.

I remember a time, perhaps before 1977, when we felt intelligent life might exist beyond our sphere and time, perhaps spying on us for nefarious reasons. Some people reported strange noises and lights appearing in dark skies. They feared anyone might be whisked away by a UFO to be studied on an alien planet. Do they persevere, or have they given up on us?

The movie, ET, portrayed another famous encounter. A friendly alien was left behind by an exiting spaceship. Stephen Spielberg directed this blockbuster from 1982, one of the greatest science fiction fantasies of all time. A spaceship lands, but flees, leaving behind a young extra-terrestrial, discovered by a ten year old fatherless boy who entices it to his room with Reese’s Pieces. He forms a mental and physical bond with the alien, benefiting to both. Together they work out a pick-up by ET’s family in space, and ET flies off in a spaceship that produces a rainbow in the sky as it soars to infinity. Wow! What an encounter.

My own encounters are simple. Some begin in the library. Want to come? Follow the Reese’s Pieces.


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