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In A Brown Study 5

May 30, 2016

The brown study is the place for thoughts to drift, memories to examine and entertain. Recently I came upon my daughter’s favorite verse – 50 years ago – “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed the fly,” and daughter would chime in most seriously, “I guess she’ll die.” When we got to the old lady swallowing a goat we would both laugh. “Swallow a goat? It got stuck in her throat, and I guess she choked!” There is little more fun than entertaining a child.

I wonder if Amy Kelleridge (Brown Study 2) laughed as she stitched her sampler. Did she understand her uniqueness – one of a kind, as my daughter is? Did her mother gaze in wonder and pride as the little hands poked her needle in and out of the hooped cloth? The work endures, but they do not. But we are bound together as women by our hopes and dreams and our busy-work, our busyness.

After eight years of marriage with no children, I was surprised to find myself “expecting”. Actually, I was more than a little anxious; so I found myself needing to become quieted but occupied. To keep busy I took up a needle and a pre-printed sampler, and I began stitching these words:

“Then to a child, dear Lord impart,

A tender, meek and loving heart.

Cleanse me with thy precious blood,

And fill me with the Love of God.”

Bordered with a house, a garden fence, flowers, and trees and properly framed, the sampler seemed a proper prayer for the anticipated child, boy or girl, and the expectant mother. I have it still, hanging in daughter’s bedroom which has been vacated for a home of her own for many years.

Amy, her mother, my daughter, and I are women, proud guardians of the home and always busy.



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