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Seeking Wisdom, Day 23 – Judgment

March 12, 2016

For some of his life, Solomon executed good judgment, but some of his choices failed him, and left his progeny in trouble. He spoke of riches, but time intervened. In the blink of an eye time and riches disappear. They arrive on wings and disappear like an eagle. (Proverbs 23:5) What is left?

Wisdom is not something we are born with, but something we have acquired through learning and experience. Proverbs 23:23 reminds us to “get the truth and never sell it; also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment.” Don’t let them go; hold them fast. Wisdom mixes them together like the ingredients in a meatloaf. We make our choices based on the ingredients, and the outcome of our lives depend on the mixture.

Truth is embedded in time; the only truths we can rely on are those that have endured. We were taught them as children, at home and in Sunday School if we were lucky. Did we keep our heart on the right course? Do we use our truths to make our judgment? Do we use our discipline to get instruction. Learning takes work and commitment. We are bombarded with messages, many encouraging lying, cheating, indulging, complaining, fighting, all with the assumption what any way to get to an end is worth pursuing, for the end justifies the means. It takes a truly wise person with values ingrained to assert himself to the truths that are universal and timeless, and to oppose evil. We find eternal truth in the Commandments and the Bible. Some things are not ok, and do damage to the doer and to society, and they require good judgment.

We live with judgment, deciding which way we will go and how far we will let others go on the roads leading to perdition. We judge ourselves, noticing what kind of light we are casting on those around us. We remember – “Time, like an ever-rolling stream, bears all our sins away. They lie forgotten like a dream dies at the dawn of day.” ( a hymn)

We die, but what do we leave behind? Is it the knowledge that we were as noble as our situations permitted, and that we truly tried to live out the truths of our God?

Fortunately, God makes the final judgment with his amazing grace and love.


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