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A Brief Interruption –

February 20, 2016

Yesterday, waving a letter in his hand, my husband interrupted me. “Sit down, ” he commanded, “before you read this.”

I obeyed and read the letter from a local hospital’s memorial foundation, stating that a contribution had been made in memory of “me.” My first, middle, and last names were spelled perfectly. Written by the vice president of philanthropy, the letter offered my husband sincere sympathy for his loss. The donation was from a family in Northern California, and neither of us could place the names.

Now I know how Mark Twain felt when he wrote, “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” I am briefly reminded that all women are mortal, but I am happy to be among the living.

I plan to resume “Seeking Wisdom” shortly. It’s never too late for wisdom.



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