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Seeking Wisdom, Day 8 -The Voice of Wisdom

February 6, 2016

I imagine Lady Wisdom, like the Statue of Liberty, holding high her torch. “Come to me,” she offers in a voice like clear water gliding over stones in a brook. “I offer you a smooth and happy life.” Are we, as inert as the stones,  not listening to her?

Solomon saw her, resolute and purposeful, offering a joyful life, standing at every crossroad and at the gates of every town, speaking to the people, “Use good judgment and show understanding.” Lady Wisdom is the town crier, speaking truth plainly and giving instruction to all. She hates pride and arrogance, corruption and perverse speech. She loves those who love her and dispenses common sense and success.

Lady Wisdom is older than the hills and younger than a new-born lamb. She was with God as he created the heavens and the earth. “I was born before the oceans were created and before the mountains were formed.” (Proverbs 8: 24,25) Wisdom was the architect at God’s side. Whoever finds wisdom, finds life and receives the favor of God. Choose her instruction rather than silver and knowledge rather than gold. Those who ignore this lady injure themselves and find death. Listen to her strong voice. Solomon knew her well.

Listen to the voices around you. Are they loud and demanding, hurting and discouraging? Are they boastful and self-serving. Forget those voices. They are not the voice of wisdom.

Then listen to the voices that rise and fall softly and gently. The words are heartfelt and sincere, meaningful and uplifting. They are the voice of wisdom. Listen and learn.

Develop your voice, and let it be like the voice of wisdom.




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