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Seeking Wisdom, Day 4 -In the Beginning Was Wisdom

January 29, 2016

After scientists have named, analyzed, and rearranged the universe, we will discover the wisdom of God— (perhaps). God arranged everything in its place, and everything in creation works for the glory of God. We dwellers and caretakers of this planet often overlook the obvious. The earth was a void, – dark, formless and empty – until God in his amazing wisdom created all things. He allows us to discover his artistry inch by inch and yard by yard. We can shout out our discoveries, but we must always sing praises to the creator. (Genesis 1)

Solomon asked God for wisdom, and God obliged, but Solomon did not always use his wisdom wisely, and he made many his judgment. In Proverbs 4, Solomon speaks to his children, you should “Listen to what I say, and treasure my commands.” Children are apt not to listen to statements  in which the word should  is stated or implied. I remember hearing “Children should be seen ut not heard” when I interrupted adult conversation. That never seemed to apply to me, and I ignored it in favor of making my opinions and desires known. Probably Solomon’s children did the same, but Solomon continued, Tune your ears to wisdom and concentrate on understanding.” With “you should” in front of the statement, I seem to have a choice.

“Guard your heart, for it determines the course of your life.”

“Look straight ahead, and fix your eye on the path before you. Stay on the straight path. Don’t get side-tracked, and keep your feet from following evil.”

Solomon gave his children good advice, but children frequently do not have enough wisdom to follow it. So it was with Adam, who did not have enough wisdom to obey God. Solomon wanted his children to become wise, and God wants us to choose wisdom, to protect his garden and each other. Well, we should.



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