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Seeking Wisdom, Day 1 -Submit

January 23, 2016

Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom to govern his people wisely, and the Lord gave Solomon his request and added riches and honor.

The wisdom of Solomon is demonstrated in his act as a judge (1 Kings 3: 12-28). Two women, prostitutes living in the same house, had babies within three days of each other. In the night one rolled over in her sleep and killed her baby lying beside her. She took the baby from the other woman and replaced it with her dead child. That woman woke to nurse her child, and, finding no response, recognized that the child was not hers, but that of her neighbor. The neighbor refused to give up the child she was now claiming. The mother asked Solomon to restore the child back to her. But which woman was the real mother? Solomon asked his nobles to bring him a sword, so he could cut the child in two pieces and give each woman half. The woman who objected first claimed, “No. Give my son to her. Do not kill him.” In that way, Solomon knew she was the real mother. The people of Solomon saw that God had given Solomon great wisdom.

My old Doubleday Dictionary says that wisdom is the ability to discern what is true, right, and honest and make judgments based on such discernment. It is common sense combined with a high degree of knowledge and learning and the ability to apply that in ways bringing satisfactory outcomes.

Proverbs 1:7 admonishes, “Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom.” Fear implies submission, a compliance and humbleness. A wise man submits to the will of God. The wise man obeys the Lord. Consider Adam and Eve who did not obey and reaped the results, eviction from the Garden.

God provides us with directions we often ignore. We ignore our own values and morals, even when we know we are doing wrong. “In Adam’s Fall, We Sinned All,” children were taught, continuing, “Thy Life to Mend, This Book Attend.” Proverbs 1 continues – children, pay attention to your parents and stay away from those who commit evil deeds. God gives common sense to those who seek it. That wisdom saves us and brings joy.

No matter what your age, seek wisdom and submit to God to live a happy life.



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