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Seeking Wisdom, Prologue

January 21, 2016

To continue building faith with another 30 psalms would test my tenacity. King David exhibited exemplary faith, and he trusted the Lord. Trust must be the cornerstone of faith. Any task, even that which I set for myself, becomes tedious with repetition, so I shall set aside the building blocks in the psalms to pursue another course of study.

In Proverbs, the book following the psalms, we read about the wisdom of Solomon. Solomon, a son of David and the next King of Israel, gives advice to young people who desire a happy and productive life in this world. I’m not sure he was totally qualified, but he was a king and much respected by his people and the succeeding  generations that ascribed this book to him. Solomon was the third and last king of a united Israel. Thereafter Israel was divided into two nations, the North called Israel and the South called Judah, each with a king, suspicious and sometimes at war with each other. Some enmity was precipitated by Solomon whose government, perhaps unwisely,  collected excessive taxes and demanded labor from the people to build the Temple of Jerusalem for God, as well as a massive palace for himself.

We read in 1 Kings 3: 7-28 the story of King Solomon, son of Bathsheba and David, who asked the Lord to “give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong.” The Lord, pleased with Solomon’s request, gave him riches and fame as well.

Riches and fame appear to be over-reach, but we need wisdom more than ever before. Our world is a perilous one, and our  enemies threaten and endanger us.We would be wise to ask God for wisdom, obey his commands and trust our Lord.

What is “wisdom” and can we attain some of it? Please join me in the search.




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