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Building Faith, Day 30 – Giving Thanks

January 19, 2016

Reading Psalm 30 – (Verse 1) “I will praise the Lord, for thou hath lifted me up.”

(Verse 12)  “To the end that I may sing praise to you and not be silent. O Lord, my God, I will give thanks to you forever!”

The psalmist praises God and gives thanks. My Bible says that David was giving thanks for the dedication of the Temple, but David was not able to complete the temple. He had sinned, but he continued to trust God and to collect and store the materials his son, Solomon, would need for its completion. Even when a task was incomplete, David praised God and worked diligently toward the completion.

I cannot be silent. Three months ago, on October 16, 2015, in these blogs I began to examine the first thirty Psalms, selecting verses that would build my faith and demonstrate that the Psalms contain building blocks in which faith can grow. Faith is the ability to believe what we cannot see, and David, the author of many Psalms, sang of a remarkable faith in God. God is pro-active, always taking the initiative in life. We make mistakes, are disobedient, and act in opposition to our best interests, but God is merciful and forgiving. He deserves to be thanked.

I give thanks. To God and my readers I am grateful.

Please stay in touch with these pages, and pray for God to guide me as I continue to blog. It is all about God, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit which resides in each of  us.



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