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Building Faith, Day 20 – Wow!

December 10, 2015

Last Sunday Natalie’s husband decorated their home with a myriad of twinkling lights and various colored orbs. Their neighbors did the same.

When darkness swallowed the sky, they took their 15 month son, a blonde, blue-eyed charmer already walking and lisping a few monosyllabic words. outside to see the display.

He seemed stunned. Raising his hands above his head, he simply said, “Wow!”

That should be our reaction to Christmas. Wow! Psalm 20 reminds us: “some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we will remember the Lord.” There may be one or two or more cars in our garage or driveway, but may we still say, “Wow” when we see the lights of Christmas.

That must become my response to Christmas. In this wow world, sometimes it is difficult to rejoice in what has become ordinary, the bright lights of Christmas and the baby in the manger, the soulful smile of the Mother, and the lowing of the cattle. You know the rest. It is not just a story. Wow!

“Hark the herald angels sing.   Glory to the newborn King.”


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  1. Pat my sentiments exactly! “WOW!” Maybe because of all the insecurities and fright of danger lurking in every corner of the earth, we look to our homes for safety, love and security. Putting up lights and a manger reminds us that home is where we are safe and Jesus is there to watch over us. These feelings of love for all who surrounds us are especially stronger at this time of the year. The story of the babe in the manger is a reminder to keep our faith strong and enjoy miracle of life.

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