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Building Faith, Day 16 -Filling Up On Gratitude

November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving, 2015. My heart is glad, and I rejoice. Everything good comes from the Lord who has given me a home in a pleasant land, my inheritance, and my blessing. (from Psalm 16)

If gratitude does not play a large part in your attitude, you are probably living a dark and dreary life, and I can only sympathize.  I cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough, for I am overwhelmed with God’s good gifts which I struggle to deserve. You can probably find some reasons to be grateful too. I believe God listens when He hears the three little words, “I thank you,” for what giver does not brighten when he knows his gifts are appreciated?

I am not entitled. God did not send Samuel to anoint me to become a king, as He did to Saul and David, nor did He promise me a rose garden, but I am the recipient of gifts too numerable to list. I must make good use of His gifts, and respond to Him with a heart filled with gratitude. Today and everyday I respond with an attitude of gratitude.

Today and everyday we sing, “Lord of all, to thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise.”  Amen?


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