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Building Faith, 9 – Voices

November 5, 2015

“Curious the effect of many voices in a crowd. The sibilance and reiteration of similar sounds hush and subside, and rear again, hydra-head.” I shall never forget the public speaking class I had to take in college. Speechifying is not my favorite pastime But the voices, sometimes in my head and around me seem quiet, then more loud. They are mainly doubts and fears that I wish would go away.

When I am still, I hear the voice of Jesus saying softly, “Let go of the shoulds, woulds, and can’ts. Surrender them to me.”

Peace and joy come from surrendering to his voice. Psalm 9 reminds me to praise the Lord with all my heart – to tell of the marvelous things he has done – and to be filled with joy, singing his praise..

(Isaiah 50: 41) God gave me a tongue to speak. He opened my ear.

(Revelation 2: 4) Love God and each other.

(Isaiah 60: 2) When darkness covers the earth and its people, the Lord shall come upon thee. All nations shall see the light.


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