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Building Faith, 1 – Faith Based

October 16, 2015

Faith is the ability to believe what we cannot see. Faith is trust and confidence without evidence. All religions are based on what we feel and how we respond to the feelings. Certainly the Bible and history provide much basis for faith in Christianity, but there is more. There is a depth of feeling when we do something that we know is intrinsically good that lights us inside and makes us feel joyful. I know you have felt this, whether you have faith or not, for it is a Christmas of the soul.

And that is the basis for this new series. We need to recognize and take delight in our Christian feelings; for Christianity must become the basis for all interactions between humans. Christians believe in a simple rule, LOVE – love God and love each other. The teachings of Jesus on the nature of God and his relationship to us provide the basis for our faith.

The first psalm tells us we shall be like a tree planted by living waters that bringeth forth its fruit in its season, and whatever we do shall prosper. Blessed is the one who walks in the way of the Lord.

Again, I use Sara Young’s small book, Jesus Calling, Sunday sermons from the pastors of Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, CA, and my interpretations of Bible verses. I am grateful for any reader who encounters these brief pages, and I hope to enlarge our perceptions of faith.


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