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Listening to Jesus, Day 29 – What We Are Hearing

October 5, 2015

Pope Francis visited the United States and spoke to the American people. Catholics heard him as the divine representative of Christ on earth, and all Christians heard him as a holy man with a large task. He spoke in several languages, mainly Spanish which is understood by many Americans here in California. His message was easily understood, even without interpreters. The Pope is encased in love; love for the children, for the poor and needy, for the sick and injured, for the widows and orphans, for the misunderstood, for the earth and the planet, and for those who do not recognize their need for God. His message and prayers encompassed us all. Secular ears do not always understand, and they misinterpret what they hear, but few had negative words for this Holy man.

God gave the gift of language to his apostles. They were able to spread his words to the known world. He gave them the gifts of humility and passion. This pontiff, whose world is so much larger, has these gifts,. May God give us ears to hear his message,  minds to understand it, and hearts to bear witness.

(Isaiah 50: 4) The Lord God wakens mine ear to hear the learned.

(Isaiah 55: 2-3) Hearken diligently unto God. Incline thine ear. Hear and your soul will live.

(John 28: 19-20) Go ye therefore and teach all nations, and Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.


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