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Listening to Jesus, Day 23 – It’s War Out There

September 18, 2015

Looking back on my lifetime, I could wonder why the world has been at war most of the time. I was a little girl during World War 2, but I can remember the horror everyone felt that Hitler marched into Europe and incinerated Jewish people. Surety the Jewish family that ran the bakery down the street were not evil people. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and my country was in a two sided war. But did anyone believe that making a huge bomb would make peace? Wouldn’t making bigger weapons make war more horrible than it already was? I was growing up, but I was too timid to ask puzzling questions. Everyone was happy the war was over. My uncle bought me a bicycle. Ending a war does not guarantee peace.

As weapons become more deadly, peace seems further away. The evil one constantly assails us with threats of war. Satan confronted Jesus, and Jesus won the victory without weapons of war. Jesus trusted God and the scriptures. The devil departed, and had to be contented to work evil on the rest of humanity. Trusting Jesus gives all battles to God, who always wins. In God we must trust.

(Ephesians 6:12) Do not wrestle with the temptations of this world. Wear the armor of God.

(1 Samuel 17: 47) God does not fight with swords and spears, but he shall deliver me from devil.

(Philippians 2: 9-10) Jesus is all powerful for God has exhalted  him.


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