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Listening to Jesus, Day 6 – Using the Runway

August 9, 2015

A friend of mine said that when he was a little boy, his father took him to the Philadelphia Airport on Sunday afternoons to watch the planes approach and depart, on their way home or toward fantastic places like LA and Detroit. Though quite elderly now, he remembers with fondness those Sunday adventures. He didn’t realize at the time that was an inexpensive way to be entertained. I have seen small children press their noses against the glass windows to watch the planes, but now to be at the gates requires a boarding pass. Taking off and landing safely is still an adventure.

From a starting position, the plane taxis down the runway, before it lifts its wings and leaves the ground, skyward bound. We mortals know that we must leave this earth, but we have Jesus for our runway. We face our Lord, knowing that He will guide us on a straight path and lift us from the ground. We will soar like eagles, for problems go away with Jesus on the runway.

(Psalm 89: 15) We will glide in the light of thy countenance.

(John 16: 33) In this world of tribulation, Jesus brings peace.


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