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Finding Jesus, Day 13 – Joy is the Light of Love

May 20, 2015

The world does not know God, and so does not recognize His gift of Love, unconditional love. A friend told me she does not believe in God. I sensed her loneliness, so I told her, “He believes in you.” She thought I had said, “I believe in you,” and she thanked me, But she missed the message. God believes in each of his creations. I do care for her, but sometimes I lack patience and tact. God in his perfection not only believes in her, but loves her deeply. There is joy in that love. We share the joy.

(My thoughts on John 17: 21-23) As he was being crucified, Jesus talked to God. He asked God to protect his sheep, we mindless, stupid sheep that Jesus loved. The world did not know a loving God, but Jesus’ disciples and followers did. Their beliefs made them enemies in the world, and most of them died violent deaths. Jesus asked that the love God has for him be placed in them, so they would love God and each other. God did, and they shared that love with joy and abandon.


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