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Following Jesus, Day 12 – Finding Joy

May 18, 2015

Some days are sparkling bright and some are gloomy gray. There are joys to be found in both. Some days I need to look carefully to find the joy, but there are unexpected treasures to be found, a heron that found my garden, birds singing in my chimney, a neighbors cat curled up on my patio; joys all close by. A gardener is working next door. I hear him break into song. Is it O Solo Mio? His voice is lovely, and even the birds stop singing to listen. “There’s no tomorrow when love is new–” No trained opera voice could be as rich, no moment so delicious. Thank you God for a workman taking pleasure in his ordinary work, and for allowing me to hear. Such joy!

(Psalm 21:6) You have endowed me with eternal blessings and given me the joy of your blessing.

(Proverbs 2 4) Search for wisdom and understanding (and joy) as you would for silver and gold.


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