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Following Jesus – Introduction 3

April 6, 2015

I consider myself a Christian who attends church regularly. I am not a Bible expert, but I know a little about God. Perhaps some of my “knowledge” comes from a loose interpretation based on Sunday sermons by the pastors of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, CA and the First Baptist Church in Trenton, NJ. I have read the Bible, skipping almost all the genealogy, and I believe in a three part Godhead, the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. I have always believed in Jesus.

Jesus Calling is a delightful book written by Sarah Young, published by Thomas Nelson in Nashville, Tennessee in 2004. Ms. Young brings Jesus to earth and on the phone. He sounds reasonable, persuasive, and personal. Why would anyone refuse to listen to Jesus. Listening is easy, but following him is difficult and goes against my self-centered nature. This blog is my attempt to respond.

The Bible verses I use are the same as Ms. Young’s. She obviously is better acquainted with the Bible. I use the King James Version because I enjoy the old English. The Daily Walk Bible clarifies some of the passages. I have adjusted and abbreviated some of the verses to fit the text.

Perhaps after writing this blog, I will be better able to follow Jesus. Maybe you will too.

to be contd.


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