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Following Jesus — Introduction

April 4, 2015

Is it possible in this world, in these circumstances, to follow Jesus?

Difficult, but not impossible, I think. Although I am greatly influenced by my culture, by getting along and seeming agreeable, by my friends and family, Jesus doesn’t ask for much. He wants to be my friend; he wants me to listen to his words and learn about his Father. He wants his Father to be my Father. His Father can be my Father forever, Jesus knows, for he has broken the stigma of death and revealed the eternal.

How can I follow Jesus? By reading the Bible and learning his ways.

Jesus’ love, mercy, justice and truth are free. Where they are valued, they bring peace. Without them there is chaos and confusion. I must convince myself and share my finding, for doesn’t the Bible say I must tell others? “If you love me, feed my flock,” Jesus tells his followers. I am not a Bible scholar, but I am a Christian with the gift of the Holy Spirit in my heart. Perhaps that gift helps me appreciate all the love, mercy, justice, and truth that exists in my life today. May I share my gifts with you?

to be contd.


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