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The Opinionated Octogenarian #1A

June 30, 2014

The World is Too Much With Me

Reader, take a walk with me, and my opinions you will see.

Although we may disagree, I’ll still like you, if you’ll like me.

The more things change, the more they stay they stay the same. One of the perks of becoming 80 is the ability to reach into the past in memory to determine its connections to the present. The following verse I wrote in February, 2009. With the passage of five years, the details have changed, but the substance buried therein remains the same.

Before I wake each morning, three papers line my door. 

Delivered by three nameless me, I could not ask for more.

Therein I am reminded, before the coffee perks, 

That pain and gain vie equally. The world has gone berserk.

There’s fighting in Islamabad. There’s murder in LA.

There’re octuplets in Whittier for whom we all must pay.

There’s suicide bombs in Baghdad that have been detonated.

Sixteen pilgrims on way to Mosque have been eliminated.

Stocks on Wall Street have declined, and jobless claims have risen.

Obama plans to bail us out, when we’re in debtor’s prison.

Crude oil prices dropped very low, but the price of gasoline rises.

Anyone who can follow this is sure to win some prizes.

Taxpayers will get thirteen bucks next week. The banks will get a billiion.

The stimulus package must stimulate. How many zeros in a trillion?

Hooray for Register, Journal, Times! They’ve kept my eyes open wide.

The world is in a great big mess. I think today I’ll stay inside.

This opinionated octogenarian continues to read papers, all three delivered by one man now. (Perhaps that’s why a lot more people are out of work.) Details change, but I bristle at the stories.

–to be contd.-









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