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The Optimistic Octogenarian # 1C

June 17, 2014

All About Attitude

“I’m glad I’m not young anymore.” The singer grabs my attention. Is he kidding? No. He means it, and I find myself hesitantly agreeing. The possibilities in youth were endless, decisions in middle years were frustrating, but not edged in stone. My career was interesting and retirement pleasant. I was told in Baptist Sunday School that God had a plan for me. He neglected to tell me what it was, but I accidentally stumbled into it. Age is the reward for surviving youth, and the candles on my cake of life are my husband, John, my daughter and son-in-law, and two grandsons, JT and KT, who ignite 79 tapers without counting them.

Experience is a great teacher, and statistics say I have already experienced more of life’s experiences than 30% of my colleagues whose yearshave expired. Why some and not others? My sister remembers when i was little  I always ate my spinach and drank my milk, but she was reluctant to do the same. “They make me gag,” she said, and she could up-chuck at will.

Sometimes Mother would get down on the floor with us to exercise. Sit-ups, push-ups and the like were followed by our giggling and attacking her, rolling over her prone body. She would give up her quest for more athletic girls and defend herself by tickling. I don’t believe spinach, milk, sit-ups and push-ups guarantee a longer life, but certainly staying healthy does, and diet and exercise are important to staying healthy.

Perhaps giggling and laughing enhance age as well as youth. A sense of humor helps to keep the blues away. Deja-vu, that sense that it’s all been done before, keeps the seriousness of situations at bay. Attitude starts with an A and ends with E. My attitude affects my energy, and without energy I’d be comatose.

I’ve never had a job I really disliked. Naturally there are some chores that I’m less enthusiastic about, but I tend to see them as something to get over with — as quickly as possible. Mainly I fill the days with things I enjoy. I enjoy being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a gardener, a homemaker, a reader, and n anonymous, self-published, hardly read, writer of trivia about my life.

Attitude- that’s energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment – there! The three Es fill the gift of life with zest, no matter the years! Perhaps that’s why I fee so young today. 

-stay tuned-


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