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Breezin’ Through the Bible, 32. Postscript

May 30, 2014


The Bible is a book of stories with one theme – God is good — patient, kind, loving and all- powerful. He sets us in motion, and permits us choices. The Bible indicates how and what to choose to enrich life. I encourage compulsory reading, for these 31 brief stories are merely an overview. I have put into a short form the messages in The Story, a book containing a forward by Max Lucado and Randy Frazen, published in 2005, 2008, and 2011, using The Holy Bible, New International Version for direct quotations. I supplemented with material from The Daily Walk Bible, a New Living Translation edited by Chip Ingrim and published by Tyndale House Publishers in 2007 and Don’t Know Much About the Bible by Kenneth C. Davis, published by William Morrow and Company in 1998.

My main sources for this work were the sermons of Senior Pastor Douglas J. Rumford and Associate Pastors Rachel Hamburger and Jeff Wagner of Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, CA. They are inspiring speakers who provided additional information and points of view. Each chapter in The Story was read in advance by the congregation each week.for most of nine months, from Septermber, 2013 to the conclusion in May, 2014. What an accomplishment!

Who is God? Old Testament stories show how God was active before time began; creating, destroying, and advancing the lives of his people who seem to have been slow-learners. No matter how much evil creeps into humans, God never gives up on us. The New Testament reveals the extremity of God’s love — the gift of his Son, Jesus. Jesus shows God’s people how to live with truth and dignity. He simplified the rules. From Ten Commandments, one simple rule emerged, Love! Love God, Love each other, and Love yourself. God sent his moral and ethical ambassador, Jesus, to help each one live up to his God-given potential with love.

Will our lives be threatened by evil? You bet’cha! The Garden of Eden fast became that Garden of Evil. Cain killed Abel. The snake in the Garden of Eden will not give up until God removes it permanently. Meanwhile, there is much to do to keep that snake from our lives, and it begins with knowing God and recognizing He is in charge. He promises a new world order and a safe path to heaven. God loves us, and that is almost incredible and totally amazing. 

I have enjoyed repeating God’s stories. In the telling I have become aware of God’s presence in my life, now and forever. I rejoice that my mother took me to the First Baptist Church in Trenton, New Jersey for a total immersion that took, even at the tender age of 12. I didn’t drown. God and the Reverend Peterson held on to me. 

One of their invisible attenders, I thank the pastors of Trinity United Presbyterian Church. I thank my family and friends, and especially my readers, whoever you are, for following this story with me. May God bless you and keep you safe until we meet in heaven. 


I intend to continue this blog with opinions and stories. Please add your comments!


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