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Breezin’ Through the Bible, 15 B – The Prophets, Elisha

January 29, 2014

Elisha Follows Elijah

Upon the ascendance of Elijah, his chosen successor Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. Elisha demonstrated the amazing power of God in his service to the Lord. He purified a spring to provide fresh water to a town. A wealthy woman of Shunem offered him a meal and later suggested that she and her older husband would provide a place for him to stay whenever he needed one. Grateful, Elisha prayed the childless woman would have a son. The following year she held her child in her arms. Later the son became ill and died. Elisha, with the power of God in him, brought the boy back to life.

The king of Aram was at war with Israel. Wherever the king set up his camp to battle, Elisha sent word to the king of Israel to avoid that place. The king of Aram soon discovered it was Elisha who was responsible for his inability to confront the Israelites, and he sent his men to capture Elisha. Elisha prayed to the Lord to strike the Arameans blind. Then he led them to the king of Israel. He told the king to give them food and water and send them home. They did not try to attack Israel again.

Before he died, Elisha ordered that Jehu be anointed king of Israel. Jehu led a regiment to the home of Jezebel, where her servants threw her out a window. Wild dogs tore her apart, just as Elijah had said she would die.  Jehu destroyed the altars of Baal and Ashtoreh and restored the worship of God. Jehu ruled from 842 to 815 BC. Elijah died in 797 BC after a ministry of 50 years.

Other prophets followed Elisha including Amos, a shepherd who had a vision concerning Israel in which the people perished because they disregarded the Lord. The prophet Hosea pleaded with the nation to return to God, but they persisted in their foolish ways.

Prophets warned the people who did not listen, but foolishly followed their kings into spiritual and social chaos. Five kings followed Zechariah (746-745 BC), and they were all murdered. Even prophets of God could not keep Israel from destruction.

With thundering voice the prophets proclaim

God’s wrath for the wicked.

But remember, the “enlightening” 

Follows the rain.


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