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ADVENT #2 – Faith

December 12, 2013

Advent, a Savior is coming. Of this I have faith. Faith is born in the learning of the word of God and recognizing its truth. I know in my heart that only good can come from God. The devil is a liar; it perverts and distorts truth for its own ends. But the devil, the personification of evil, is a clever liar, and much thought is needed to discover the untruths the devil tells. Truth makes us free, but lies ensnare and trap us into slavery. Faith, however, is not in the head but in the heart.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will happen (Hebrews 1: 1). Faith gives us assurance about things we cannot see. By faith we understand that the universe was formed by God’s command (his word). What we see (understand) did not come from anything that can be seen. It is faith that gives us the endurance to run he race God has set out for us. It is with faith we have ultimate victory.

Looking back over the eleven chapters of Breezin’ Through the Bible, I recognize faith in the lives of others. Faith is an integral part of God’s plan.

By faith Abraham left his home to live in a strange land.

By faith  Abraham was willing to offer his son as a sacrifice..

By faith Noah built an ark, ignoring his neighbors’ jeers.

By faith Joshua won battles with seemed impossible.

By faith Samuel anointed David.

I will go forward with The Story after Christmas, for it is by studying the Bible all can be aware of God’s truths. Jesus revealed God’s truths and his will for daily living. We cannot know God or believe in our own power without faith.

I am reading Anne Frank, Remembered by Miep Gies, a sad and powerful story of a life in Holland during the German occupation. Without faith the people could not have endured waiting for victory.

A Story of Faith

Little Jackie was sad when his Uncle Tom went to war in 1942. Could peace loving, quiet Americans defeat the brutal mustached monster in Germany? Every child knew of the war. There were rationing and shortages of things easily obtainable before the war. Jackie took part of his allowance to school every Monday to buy government victory stamps in support of the war. With $17.50 in stamps Jackie got a victory bond with a matured value of $25.00. 

Jackie missed his Uncle Tom, and he felt sorry for his Aunt Stell, who cried every day. One day Aunt Stell decided she need a dog for a companion. Aunt Stell, his mother, and Jackie went to a farm in Chrosswicks. The farmer’s wife bred dachshounds, and they saw two of the puppies playing together.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Jackie watched with shining eyes. His mother and aunt agreed they were.

“But we can’t take two puppies,” said Aunt Stell regretfully.

“Can’t we take one for us?” Jackie begged his mother.

“I guess so,”she agreed reluctantly, “but you must promise to take care of him.”

Jackie agreed, and so they took two puppies home. Jackie called his puppy Hope because he hoped Uncle Tom would come back from he war safely, and Aunt Stell called her puppy Victory, because she had faith that Tom would come home.

Three years later, the war won, Tom returned home. Without faith, life would be unbearable.

Keep the candle of Faith burning in your heart, this wee




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