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Breezin’ Through the Bible 4b Moses and Deliverance

October 10, 2013

Then God gave Moses his name, “I am who I am,” meaning “I am with you. The establishment of God’s name was significant. Words have limits, but God is infinite. Giving his name shows the trust God has in his people. In the Bible God is called Yahweh, Adonai, and Jehovah. 

God knew the task, taking his people from Egypt, he gave to  Moses would not be easy to fulfill. Pharaoh was a stubborn man, more likely to kill the Israelites then to let them go. God gave Moses a  staff. If Moses was puzzled, he took the gift. He reminded God he had a speech impediment, but God told him to use his brother Aaron to do the talking. 

Moses returned to Egypt and brought the people together to explain that God wanted to release them from captivity. They should get ready for a long journey to the promised land. Then Aaron and Moses confronted the Pharaoh. “Let our people go,” they begged. But the Pharaoh made the Israelites work harder, and the people complained bitterly. “What are you doing to us?” they accused Moses.

Moses did not give up. With the aid of the staff God had given him, he brought down ten plagues upon the Egyptians that would have reduced the most obdurate king, but the Pharaoh weathered them. The first nine were natural disasters. The Nile River turned into blood, frogs, gnats and mosquitoes, flies and insects, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and hot winds from the desert made the country and the people miserable, but the Pharaoh remained adamant. The final plague is still remembered today as the Passover. The Hebrews painted their doorways with the blood of slaughtered sheep, bolted their doors, and stayed inside while the angel of death took the first born in every household except those marked with blood. The first born of the Hebrews was spared. Then the Pharaoh relented and told Moses, “Rise up and go away from my people.

The Israelites fled, but the Pharaoh soon changed his mind and sent 600 chariots and many horsemen after them. They pursued the Israelites. The Israelites were frightened they would die in the desert, but Moses reassured them. The Lord said to Moses, “Raise your staff and stretch your arm over the sea. I will divide the water so you may pass through.” Moses did as God commanded. The waters parted and the people passed through the sea safely, but the Egyptians who followed them drowned as the water swept back into its place.

The Isreaelites wondered if God was with them as they wandered through the desert, hot and hungry, but God supplied them with quail each evening and bread (called manna, for it was like honey tasting crackers) each morning. When the people cried for water, Moses struck rock with his staff, and water flowed from the rock. God had delivered the Israelites from Egypt. 

The people did not know they would live in the desert, nomads for 40 more years.

to be contd.


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