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Breezin’ Through The Bible, 2b

September 24, 2013

Chapter 2b – God Builds A Nation

Abraham’s son Isaac married Rebekah, and they had twins. Esau the older brother loved hunting and fishing. Jacob, a shepherd, stayed close to home. With the help of Rebekah, his mother, Jacob tricked his blind father into giving him the birthright (the inheritance) of his brother Esau. In his anger, Esau might have killed Jacob, but Rebekah persuaded Jacob to flee to her brother Laban. There Jacob saw Laban’s younger daughter Rachel drawing water from a well, and he fell in love with her.  Jacob agreed to work seven years to obtain the bride price for Rachel. His Uncle Laban then tricked Jacob by substituting his older daughter Leah in Rachel’s place. Jacob agreed to work for another seven years for the bride price of Rachel.

Leah gave birth to four sons, but Rachel was childless. Rachel gave her servant Bilbah to Joseph, and Bilbah gave Joseph two sons. Leah gave her slave Zilpah to Joseph. Zilpah produced two sons. Rachel’s infertility was cured, and she produced a son and became pregnant with another.

Jacob managed to trick his Uncle Laban out of the best of his flock of sheep before he left his Uncle Laban’s home with his large family and possessions. Passing through his homeland, he wondered if his brother Esau would kill him or let him go through. One night a stranger accosted him. He wrestled the entire night with the stranger. In the morning the stranger disappeared, and God told him, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and humans.

With forgiveness Esau greeted his brother, and Jacob traveled on toward Bethlehem. On the journey, Rachel produced a twelfth son named Benjamin, but she died in childbirth. Jacob was well on his way to producing the great nation promised by God. His sons were many.


From Leah                                              From Rachel

Rueben, Judah, Levi, Simeon                              Joseph

                                                              Issachar, Zebulun                                            Benjamin

                                                                From Zilpah                                          From Bilhah

                                                              Gad, Asher                                                         Dan, Naphtali


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