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Breezin’ Through The Bible #2a

September 23, 2013

God Builds A Nation

part 1

To build his nation, God wanted a people with faith and trust in Him. But the people of God had broken their relationship with God. God chose Abram, a descendant of Noah’s son Seth, promising Abram, “move to a land I will show you, and I will make you into a great nation.” Perhaps Abram chuckled, for he was childless at the age of 75 and his wife, Sarai, was old and barren. Nevertheless, Abram packed his possessions and traveled through a mapless terrain to Canaan as God had directed. His faith in God never wavered. 

To assist God with his promise, Sarai gave her servant Hagar to her husband, and Hagar became pregnant. Sarai became jealous and sent Hagar away. God found Hagar in the wilderness and told her to return for He would give her a son, and she was to call him Ishmael. Ishmael would live in hostility toward his brothers. Abram was then 86 years old, but when he was 99, Sarai bore him a son, Isaac (meaning he laughs).

God told Abram, whose name He changed to Abraham, to circumcise the infant, and to circumcise all males as a sign of His covenant. Sarah, fearing Ishmael might get her son Isaac’s inheritance, sent Hagar and the 13 year old Ishmael away.

When Isaac was older, God tested Abraham. “Take your son Isaac into the mountains and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.” Abraham believed in the power of God and did as God demanded, but before he could kill Isaac, God intervened, providing a ram for sacrifice. Abraham’s faith in God never wavered, and God renewed his promise; Abraham’s offspring would become a great nation.

Sarah died at the age of 127, and Abraham bought a field in which to bury her. When Abraham died at the age of 175, he was laid to rest next to Sarah.

-to be contd.-



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