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Seeing Danger

April 22, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

I am watching two goldfish swimming in a large bowl. They appear to be playing, darting and circling up and down, one followiing the other, then turning, and the fish swimming behind takes the lead.

The bowl seems rather large for two small fish, a half square about three feet in length and in height. Water fills the bowl to the top. Then a hole appears several inches below the water line. The leading fish swims to it and puts his nose through the hole, sniffs and wiggles through. He drops through the hole, out of the bowl, and onto a towel beneath. The second fish follows.

Someone nearby, not I, picks up the second fish and returns it to the bowl. It  struggles in the water, regains composure and resumes swimming. Will it return to the hole in the bow? The first fish is gone, not breathing, looking small on the towel. 

I hear voices. One says,”Let’s take some water out of the bowl.”

The other voice says, “What nonsense is this, Stupid? Water would flow out of the hole.”

Then I wake up from the dream. The fish seemed real. The situation impossible. I feel confused and disoriented.

Do dreams have meaning? Like the goldfish, we live in a bowl, and we cannot always recognize danger or escape from it.


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