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New York, Act 3, Scene 5

March 25, 2013

A taxi whisks us up Manhattan Island to our rooms. A matinee of Newsies, a Disney musical , requires a quick shower and change of clothes. Another cab takes us to 208 West 41st Street.

I wrote a verse a few years ago about the importance of newspapers in my life.

           When I wake each morning, three papers line my door.

            Delivered by three nameless men, I could not ask for more….

It’s all old news now, but how thirsty for news I am. One life is not enough, as I crave the news that puts me in history’s constext.

The narrow Nederlander Theatre is encircled by a line of people proudly waving their hundered dollar tickets. Long lines — On the first day of kindergarten I asked Beth what she had learned, and she responded proudly, “We learned how to line up.” Lining up, an important lesson and not an option in many situations.

Once inside, we are directed left and upward to the mezzanine, theatre talk for balcony. Our seats are high, yet we seem amazingly close to the stage, where an open stage reveals a screem and metal platforms on wheels . The cast is numerous and slips of paper with the names of substitutes fly from the program.

Set n New York City at the beginning of the 20th century, young boys buy newspapers to selll on the streets. When they discover publisher, Joseph Pulitzer, plans to increase the cost of the dailies, they decide to form a union and strike. New York police try to stop them, and war is waged. An engaging love story between Pulitzer’s beautiful daughter and a want-to-be artist newsboy provides romantic interludes until all is resolved. The dancing is athletic, the music lively, but it is the swift movement of the metal platforms on which the cast dance and sing that provides energy and diversity to this production.

We expected a family show, and we are not disappointed. Night has fallen while we were in the theatre.

to be contd.



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