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New York, Act 2, Scene 6

March 7, 2013

The evening is not over. A post-performance reception awaits us. We ascend narrow steps constricting the audience to a long cue, and we meet the orchestra in a smaller series of rooms where we literally rup elbows with the crowd. Kevin introduces us to Sophia, a violinist and special friend. Truly music is God’s gift to all mankind, but the ability to transform and inspire us with sound is given only to some. I am grateful that my grandsons are among the gifted and work hard to develop their gifts.

We walk slowly back to the Warwick, enjoying the crisp air, the bright New York night and soothed by the music echoing in our ears.

As I enter dreamland, I think perhaps the writer who paints pictures with words and makes music with their sounds is an artist. It is a lovely thought. 

Curtain on Act 2


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