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New York – Act 1, Scene 2

February 16, 2013

New York City must be the center of the universe, for crowds from around the world assemble at JFK. Lines of travelers trailing luggagae wait for cabs, herding themselves into the guide ropes that twisted and turned, weaving a mass of humanity into a solid fabric. Our small group enered at the end of the line, gradually emerging to the front where cabs were lined up at the sidewalk.

Our driver, a short, well bearded Mid-Eastern man with a six syllable unpronounceable name framed on his license, drove skillfully from the airport to mid-town Manhattan in the Friday after-work traffic, speeding, braking, crawling as conditions determined. Twilight descended. Leafless trees lined the expressways; their dark silhouettes framed small houses linked together in a stark monochromatic kaleidoscope against the pale gray sky. I gazed through the cold window, chill beauty, barely remembered, seen again with more appreciative (cataract treated) eyes.

Darkness descended before the taxi pulled up in front of the Warwick. Daughter Beth did not enjoy the ride. To those who get motion sickness the jolting of the cab, its stops and starts, gas and brakes, turns and twists, produce feelings of nausea and cold sweats. My lovely daughter’s face was ash white as a concerned Tim helped her from the cab. She promised to be ok as soon as her head stopped spinning. John paid the driver the price set on the meter ($52.00) with a tip. The ride had taken an hour and a half. The bellman removed our luggage from the back of the van and ushered us into the hotel.

-to be contd.-


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