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New York Act1, Scene l

February 15, 2013

The flight the next morning at 7:40 AM required leaving Moorpark promptly at the ridiculously early hour of 4:45 AM, but excitement prevailed and we were ready to go. My intrepid son-in-law Tim pulled into Wally Park near LAX before the sun had risen, using the valet service to park and the shuttle to complete the journey to the  airport. A faint glow appeared in the east end of the terminal windows as we exited security.

Small annoyances at security seem absurd when I consider the possibilities. I smile when I remember I did not need to remove my shoes, but I was patted down firmly by a cheerful woman attendant. I can’t imagine what made me appear guilty of nefarious intent to be singled for additional search. I must appear dangerous with disheveled gray hair, a long blue trench coat, the black boots, and squeaky hearing aids.

Arrival in New York was scheduled for 3:59 PM Eastern time… not 4:00 PM as one might expect, but perhaps the time was appointed to show the precision of the airline schedule. Actually we arrived at 3:45 PM due to tail winds and God”s sense of humor. Lest we forget, He is still in charge of winds and arrival times.

to be contd.


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