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Empty Nest

January 2, 2013

I imagine my daughter detrimming the beautiful Christmas tree this day after New Year’s day. She wraps the silver and gold ornaments and resores them to their boxes. She sweeps up the dead needles left on the floor after Tim has taken the tree away and unceremoniously dumped it on the curb. Tim returns to store the boxes where they can be unseen for another year. 

Perhaps they will replay Christmas in their minds. It was a lovely day, and a beautiful week with their sons, both tall and handsome lads who enjoyed participating in the cooking and the games and sports. They are loving boys who enjoy their home, parents, and each other.

Kevin filled the house with music, the french horn and the piano. Both enjoyed reading and seeing old friends. Both played basketball. Both spent time on the computer with far-away friends. Both added a dimension to the home. Both had to return to ordinary living; Kevin to Oberlin, Ohio where he will practice with the orchestra for their performance at Carnegie Hall in January, John to Seattle and his job at Zulily.

Their parents are reminded that when their job is properly accomplished, the birds leave the nest, attached in memory and in love. It is hard to remember that this is God’s plan. God keeps his nest safe and His Love lasts forever.



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