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Signs on Father’s Day

June 17, 2012

Jesus, our gardener, brought his boy to help him Friday. Nearly as tall as his Dad, the boy handled the lawn mower well and raked and bagged the grass and leaves.

“He is a good boy,” Jesus told me. “He likes to help.” He made a gesture with his hand, rubbing his thumb across his upturned fingers in a gesture I remembered as money – that green stuff teen-agers and adults enjoy. Having extra money in your hand is satisfying, encourages a sense of freedom, provides a sense of worth.

Jesus’ son is fortunate to earn the green stuff and to have a job this summer when many teens do not, and to have a father who appreciates him. His father tells me with a satisfied grin, “He is a good boy.”

God, the Father of us all, gives us work to do and rewards us accordingly. Happy Father’s Day.





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